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Mystery novel by author LB Cobb -- Splendor Bay"L.B. Cobb's debut novel, Splendor Bay, lands ex-lawyer Bill Glasscocks in the worst day of his life, and the stars of the show are his girlfriend (gone missing), his ex-wife (also missing) and her lover, Governor Wallace Moreno (found dead on the beach in front of Sally's mansion). Bill, the prime suspect, embarks on a whirlwind search for the women in his life, the murderer and proof of his own innocence" — Publishers Weekly, Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

"Splendor Bay... The exceptional sense of place draws you in... a sensual, suspenseful murder mystery" — Review of Texas Books

"This is one savvy lady who not only knows how to plot an intriguing mystery but also knows how to people that mystery with remarkably complicated yet true-to-life characters." — Mary Welk, Chicago, IL, Amazon Reader Review and Midwest Book Review

"L.B. Cobb's writing style takes full advantage of verisimilitude in a similar way many of W. Somerset Maugham's stories evoke a sense of confidence in the reader. The best mystery I've read, bar none. Told from a male perspective and sure to be loved by both sexes." — The Rebecca Review

Moral ambiguities, snappy dialogue, and twists that keep The pages exceptionally accomplished debut novel. — Chris Rogers, author of Bitch Factor

L.B. Cobb delivers a page-turning story filled with cracking wit and suspense. -- Julie Wray Herman, author of Three Dirty Women and the Bitter Brew

Smart, sassy, and sexy, with enough twists and turns to make you dizzy, SPLENDOR BAY is a splendid read. — Lorna Michaels, author of The Truth About Elyssa

There’s plenty of humor, suspense, and complications in this excellently crafted mystery. — Rendezvous (Vol 18, No.6, November 2001)

"I didn't want to put this book down after I began reading it... I was taken in by the main character, his sense of humor and approach to solving the crime, and all the ways he showed he cared about his family and friends." — Christine, Phenoix, AZ, Amazon Reader Review

"What a fun book! As an avid reader of mysteries and legal thrillers, I was delighted to find such a talented new author. L. B. Cobb writes with just the right mix of mystery, humor, and romance..." — HLPTN, Knoxville, TN, Amazon Reader Review

"The dialogue in this book is very witty and I think it reminds me of the Robert B Parker Spenser series... I liked the interactions between Bill, his friends and extended family." — Connie Rutter, Daytona Beach, FL, Amazon Reader Review and Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

"The plot catpults with intrigue, quirky characters, conflicted relationships and wry, wry humor. Did I mention the humor?" — Roger Paulding, Houston, TX, Amazon Reader Review

"A great mystery which is entwined with funny and witty characters... a great thriller and a can't put down book!" —  Vicki Duby, February 2002, Scribes World Reviews

Splendor Bay received a number of awards in unpublished manuscript competitions including the Fowler Award.

Read a chapter of Splendor Bay here

Now out of print, autographed or used copies of Splendor Bay may still be available  from these booksellers.


Mystery by author LB Cobb -- Promises TownPromises Town introduces smart and sassy Assistant District Attorney Virginia Rodriguez and cagey high-profile defense attorney Leo Zachmann who go point-counterpoint in a legal thriller that offers a fascinating view of the two-sided search for truth in criminal case. A federal prosecutor, the nemesis of Washington elite, is murdered in a posh Bayou City Texas hotel room. His wife is found with the gun at the scene and is arrested quickly. Perhaps too quickly, Virginia Rodriguez soon realizes. Powerful people want a conviction and more than Virginia's career is on the line -- calculating killers have added her name to their list. Promises Town delivers a rich blend of memorable characters, an intriguing mystery, wry humor, and Virginia Rodriguez, a woman who has it all -- a killer of a job, a child and a dog to feed, a house to keep, promises to remember, and no Prince Charming in view.

"A wonderful mix of characters highlights this memorable mystery" — Mystery Scene Magazine

"Promises Town had me hooked on the first page and I was sad to reach the last page" — Murder Express

"Chiseled out of the Texas landscape, politics, and Virginia Rodriguez's sometimes bitchy, but mostly likable, character" — Midwest Book Review

“L.B. Cobb weaves a story of intrigue with Tex-Mex flavor, realistic human emotions and wry humor.” — The Rebecca Review

The story is masterfully told from a point-counterpoint perspective, interweaving the prosecution and defense point of view as Cobb takes the readers through a criminal investigation, into the courtroom, and then on to the unexpected ending."—Roger Paulding Reviews

"Another witty, perplexing mystery from L.B. Cobb. Multi-faceted characters, biting humor and emotional discoveries pack the pages from beginning to end" -- Tracy Farnsworth, Mysterious Corner, The Romance Readers Connection

“Very satisfying having a main character that was not only female but a minority, a strong woman with the same problems many single mothers face each day.” — MyShelf

"Packed with action, realistic characters who not only face incredible hurdles, but also react with genuine emotions and tongue-in-cheek humor, Splendor Bay is a book to be savored" — Mysterious Corner, The Romance Readers Connection

"Every once in a while I come across a gem of a mystery novel. This type of novel is where you want to read it cover to cover in one sitting." — Bruce Von Stiers Reviews

"A fabulous writer!" — Tony Fennelly, Edgar-nominated author of Don't Blame the Snake and 1-900-DEAD

"I enjoyed losing myself in this story... a quick read with satisfying twists and a great ending. At first."— Robyn Glazer,

Read chapters of Promises Town. 

Now out of print, autographed and used copies of Promises Town may still be available from these booksellers.

Both Splendor Bay and Promises Town were selected by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for its Talking Book Program for readers with disabilities. Splendor Bay included in the University of Texas, Tarlton Law Library's "Law in Popular Culture" Collection.


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